Saturday, 29 November 2008

This is the tin I bought for Cheryls birthday

and here are the card panels cut out, corners rounded and edges sanded.

The glossy accents are added (the shiny dots that you can see)

and here is a close up of the cut out and the clasp

Just need to decide what else I am going to adorn the panels with before I attatch them.
I bought some goodies to go inside earlier today when we went to Rotherham and I will take some piccies of them at some point in the next couple of days.
OK, the battery tub is completed - I am not 100% happy with it because there was so much more I could have done but the sensible side of me kicked in and thought about how annoyed I will be when my Hubby and 10 year old Son wreck it within a fortnight (probably) so I didn't spend too long on it.

It is nice though and the piccies don't really do it justice.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Well I haven't any piccies to put on here today yet but I have been busy. I am well on the way to finishing the tub so the batteries dont do another vanishing act (sorry that was lame but I couldn't help myself) - I am waiting for the glossy accents to dry on the label and on the paper.

I have also found the installation disc for the scanner and got that installed but I need to clean the glass because the photo I printed today (after scanning) had some very odd marks on it and I can only imagine that as the glass looks a bit 'odd' underneath that I will have to take the bloomen thing apart and clean it...and soon because I need to do some photo gifts for Christmas but the piccies need scanning properly first - they are the 2 that were taken with Father Christmas at Lapland UK last Friday...I cannot believe it is already a whole week since we went.

I have also started covering the tin that I bought for Cheryls birthday (luckily for me she doesnt even know I have this blog otherwise I wouldn't be able to say anything) It is a plain white lunch tin that I bought from crafts u love website. I have cut the paper and sanded the edges then put the glossy accents on (OMG I have spent more time using glossy accents today you wouldn't believe) and it is almost time to go and collect Callam from school.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

2 posts in 1 day..get me!!

Ok After spending what seemed like an eternity looking for batteries... (my slendertone belt stopped mid-cycle and I can only assume it was the batteries because they were really low on the power level indicator).... I gave up and asked Cliff when he got home. He had put them 'away' whilst he was off away I mean 'away' in this:

Small wonder I couldn't find them (rolls eyes) anyway I am going to tart the tub up and make sure we know what the contents are in future.

I am doing well with this new blog of mine so far....I am wondering if it could be something to do with the funky background I have for it.

Anyway, today I had a lovely parcel arrive - it was some K&co 12x12" glitter papers (to use in the album that arrived yesterday), a DCWV card kit in a stack and a do crafts magazine. I ordered from Arty Miss and usually they takes to send stuff out (well my orders usually take ages) so I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived today. (I took the papers out of the shiny cellophane wrapper as they would not photograph properly)

And here are the papers spread out - they are double sided and quite sparkly...not that you would believe it looking at these photos

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Wow. Today in the post I received the scrapbook album I ordered (the day before yesterday) to put the Lapland UK photos in...not quite a bargain once I had paid postage but it is such a lovely book to start off with - hope I can do it justice.

I ordered it from ebay seller: 'my-magic-moments'

It is nice to buy something where they DON'T rip you off with postage, where they DO send items out really quickly and where it seems they are genuinely nice people (and to top it off my stuff doesn't smell of cigarette smoke, which lots of stuff on ebay does)

I thought it was perfect, mainly because of the closure on the front.

It looks quite pinky in the photos but it is a really nice red colour canvassy / linen fabric.
OK, I have done the first item for on my blog. It is an anniversary card for Diane and Neil and their anniversary is tomorrow so I have had to get my skates on with this one as I forgot it was so soon (I haven't been checking my diary as regularly as usual)

I will post the photos later today as I am going to have some lunch and then it is off to the post office with the card otherwise they wont get it tomorrow.

OK here are the photos of the card:

I used Pink Petticoat prints and the names were computer generated.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Hello and welcome to my blog. I hope to post regularly on here and will do my very best not to send you to sleep.