Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Altered Primark bag

I needed a bag to put some Christmas gifts in and being very short of spare cash but owning a brown paper primark bag, plenty of papers and some imagination I decided to alter the bag.

Here is the bag in its original state

Here is the back of the bag (papermania papers used along with gold coloured card - the edges have been rounded off using my corner shaping punch)

Heres a close up of the image used on the front (yet another Pink petticoat image)
heres the front of the finished bag.
Is there anything I would change about the bag? yes, I would have checked the sides of the bag before I'd started because it has 'primark' down both sides and now I have put the gift in the logo can be seen grrrrrr

A few birthday cards I have made

First is a card I made for Cheryls birthday. Pink Petticoat image again with glittery bits and glossy accents. Finished off with a dotty ribbon tied into a knot with a handbag shaped charm.

My Dads birthday is on Christmas Day and I always have problems with inspiration for cards for men so I though why not make a Christmas card but amend the greeting. I printed 'Merry Birthday dad onto the card front along with a tree (another from Pink Petticoat). I addded some sparkly stuff and some spangles stars which I secured with mini brads (purchased from Bears Den in Rotherham)

some stuff I have done

Wow the title of this post makes me sound like a teenager (I wish I was still a teenager)  Well, as usual I've left it a while since I last posted on here and therefore have quite a bit to post.

First up is a Christmas card I was asked to make - papers are Papermania traditional Christmas colossal (that I have a load of left over from last year)

Next up is a forever friends Christmas card with a tag that I printed and die cut - the text is gold because I went over the printed text with a gold gel pen (when I managed to find one that would work - I don't know what it is with the signo ones but if left for a few weeks without being used they don't want to work anymore - very frustrating really I throw loads of them away because they refuse to work anymore even though I can see there is loads left in them, WHSmiths ones work better and are much less expensive)

A birthday card for my Cousin.  The image is a Pink Petticoat image and I have covered the bow with loads of glossy accents.
Another Forever Friends Christmas card.

Baby card and gift

In my last post I mentioned that my friend had gone into hospital to have a baby.  She had a boy who has been named Cameron and both Mum and baby are doing well.
Here is the card, tag and gift I made for them.
Firstly the card - the image is a Pink Petticoat image which I coloured using the paint program on the pc.  The gold coloured card frame was cut using my nestabilities.

Next up is the tag that matches the card - this was printed and then cut with my sizzix die.

And finally the gift - a nappy cake.  I used huggies nappies and inside there are some baby wipes, cotton wool balls, scratch mitts and a teensy vest.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Busy busy busy

This time of year is always so busy and I blame Christmas :) along with myself because every year I tell myself I must be more organised and yet I never am - I have a card ready to post that has to go to Canada (well I've missed that postal deadline haven't I?)  and I have quite a few cards that need mailing (and those ones still need making before I can even think of posting them!!)

I have been busy making some cards for Christmas today and trying to keep myself busy.  
A close friend went into hospital to have her baby yesterday so I have made a card and a nappy cake - photos to come later.
It's her birthday this weekend too and I have yet to make the birthday card - not last minute with that one either :S

I am looking forwards to putting my tree up and with the cash flow problems that come with being unemployed ( and not entitled to any job seekers allowance ) I am very glad we bought a new tree last year.  The house needs a clean and bloody good tidy up first though and thats inbetween applying for  jobs.  And I need to finish the Christmas shopping - thankfully everybody knows the situation so they are aware they are token gifts this year  (mainly chocolates of the malteser variety cos they were on offer)  I feel quite awful not being able to buy nice stuff for our friends and family but maybe next year things will be better.  Here's hoping!!

Another wedding card

Heres another wedding card that I made.  This is on mauve card, the image is another pink petticoat download and once again cut with nesties :)  The ribbon is from Josey Rose and the buckle is from The Mulberry bush.  Sparkly and glossy accents have been added (just to make a change)

Wedding card

I know I've not blogged for a while (and lets face it my last post was quite depressing - just how I felt) anyway heres a wedding card I made for a friend.  The cake image is a pink petticoat image and I've put some sparkly stickles on it.  The frame was cut with my nesties.  I'd really like some other shapes (perhaps round - both scalloped edges and smooth edges and some smooth edge ovals)  but those are at the bottom of my list of necessities at the moment.

Below is a close up of my perfect bow that I tied myself - I hate doing bows because I can never get them even, but over the years (and all the ones I've had to tie on some wedding orders) I've perfected my technique (Oh goodness, I bet I have just jinxed myself there)

Friday, 6 November 2009

Yet more bad news

OK, so in the last few months my beautiful Jasper (cat) died.

A couple of weeks later my Aunty died.

This week both my Husband and myself were made redundant because the company we both worked for has gone into liquidation. I'm wondering how much more bad luck is going to be coming our way.

Still on the bright side I will have time for crafting once again ... and maybe get chance to catch up with Carolyns forum .... and of course, there is my facebook addiction to take into consideration, so it's not all bad ... lol. And Hubby has managed to get temp xmas work at toys r us - a whole 20 hours a week (evenings) on minimum wage (better make sure we dont spend it all at once hadn't we - it won't even cover the mortgage payments, which of course we didn't take redundancy protection on - don't you lurve hindsight?)

anyway I will be posting next week I'm sure .... after our appointment at the jobcentre when we find out all we are entitled to (as a family of 3) is £70 a week (or thereabouts) hmmmm our outgoings are in the region of £1400 a month before food and petrol and clothes and entertainment stuff .... it's not looking good is it? still I can cancel sky and that will save us a whole £22.50 a month and give us 1 less thing to spend our oodles of time on. (I know, I know, sarcasm won't help us ... but I cannot help it)

Sunday, 1 November 2009


OK, Here's what I have made (cards mainly) since I last properly blogged.
First is a card I made for Paulas birthday. Image is a pink petticoat download.

This (below) is the front of the envelope.

Here is the gift box decorated with a lucky chinese coin and red ribbon.

and this (below) is the bracelet I made.

Below is Lindas birthday card - another Pink Petticoat download.

Next is Laras birthday card ... yes, another Pink Petticoat download and yes more sparkly and shiny stuff all over to accent the design.

Next is a card I made for a colleague who has now left to work elsewhere - you might be surprised to see its not Pink Petticoat this time :) I did use some more of the lovely lace I got much earlier this year though. Glossy accents have been added to the text on the tag.

Next is the card I made for my Grandmothers birthday - it's a pyramid card and I'm really pleased with how it turned out - the time it took to make was well worth it.

The butterflies and bird are stamped with stitchels and cut out.

Next is Gemmas birthday card. Image is a Holly and Maddison download.

Ovals were cut with my scalloped nestabilities.

Next is Emmas birthday card. The flowers were cut by hand and the stitching drawn on.

Quick to make but quite effective I think.

And below is Christines card ... same design but a different coloured card and flowers

Here is a necklace I made after finding out at the last minute that I needed a gift. Unfortunately I didnt have the findings for the leather so had to improvise with silver coloured wire which I put through a hole in the leather cord so it wouldn't slip off the ends.

Here is the gift box that I put the necklace in, with a lovely red bow that I tied myself :)

This is the card I made to go with the necklace. Holly and Maddison download with glossy accents and sparkly bits have been added.

And finally another Holly and Maddison download this time on Beckys birthday card.