Friday, 19 December 2008

Golden anniversary card

My Gran asked me a few weeks ago if I could make a card for her close friends as it is their Golden anniversary.  This is what I came up with.

The embellishments are all stamped onto card with stitchels stamps and hand painted with my cheap h2o's

Below is a close up of the bird with a lilac feather for its tail.

All photos were taken this evening so the colours are not true due to bad lighting.  The card is my favourite one EVER - I am really pleased with how it has turned out.

The flowers, hearts, butterfly and bird are stamped using one of the stitchels sets from   The artistic stamper

Teacher Christmas cards

These are the Christmas cards I did for the teachers at school.  I made 2 of the pale coloured card for the 2 teachers and the black one is for the teaching assistant.

This is a close up so you can see the glossy accents on the word 'hoot' and the sparkles on the holly berries

The printed image is from Pink Petticoat

special card

I was asked by a friend to make a card for her bosses 70th Birthday to include golf and this is what I came up with.

Inside it says 'a birdie told us it was your 70th Birthday'

Homebaked Cookies

Here are the cookies we baked for the teachers presents (to go inside the altered paint cans and gift bag that I blogged earlier)

Teachers assistant Christmas gift

Here is the gift bag - it was a plain white paper carrier bag and I added some 6x6" paper to the front and 3 embossed sizzix snowflakes - once they were cut and embossed I rubbed over the pattern with an emery board to distress them and stuck them on with foam pads.

I cut a large tag (sizzix) and embossed it diagonally with cuttlebug embossing folder then rubbed the raised pattern with a blue ink pad.

I then cut out and did clothes for a sizzix person (which is supposed to look like the teachers assistant, Mr Robertson - I think it is quite a good likeness...well, as good as I can do anyway)

I cut out the letters and edged with the same blue ink as for the tag

and stuck it all together

Here is the tag attached to the completed bag.

This is the second paint tin I have altered for Callams other teacher

Here is the second paint tin I have altered - this on is for Mrs I (the name is Polish and off the top of my head I cannot remember how to spell it)
It is very similar to the other paint tin I did earlier in the week and there were some home baked cookies to go in it.

The stamps for the flowers, bird and butterflies are available to buy from  The Artistic Stamper

busy again.

Well I sort of had a day off yesterday...well Christmas shopping with Amanda (on of my many cousins) but I was shopping for goodies to put in the stockings (not as easy as you might think unless you have unlimited funds, which I certainly don't).... then had a lovely lunch at pizza hut.  As soon as Callam finished school we had a mad dash to Doncaster vue as I had managed to get free cinema tickets for the new animated film (despereux - about a mouse)  Personally I wasn't bothered about seeing the film but thought it would be a nice treat for Callam.  Well the film was great and the 3 of us really enjoyed it.

Now I have to crack on though.  Todays 'job' list goes like this:
1. I have an anniversary card to make - as requested by my Grandparents.
2. A Christmas card for Tina and Steve (Tina does my ironing at the moment until my neck is better and Steve is her husband who collects it and delivers it once it is done - they are a really lovely couple)
3.  was going to be a Christmas card for Cliff (my Husband) and I have the stuff prepared, but he has said 'we aren't sending cards to each other this year are we?? I can think of better things to spend £2.50 on' I guess that has saved me 10 minutes (I already have the stuff prepped ready to go on, which took me around an hour - typical male!!)
4. a birthday card for my Dad whos birthday is on Christmas day.
5. A christmas card for Callam (have to do it today or he will be here watching me make it - last school day today)
6. I have a watch to make - Amanda has asked me to make one for her Mum for Christmas so I need to get a move on.
7. Order a gift voucher off amazon (using the link on cbc)
8. A card for Simon and Cheryl (friends)

And Cliff has given me a short list of 16 Christmas cards he needs to send to people at his new job....not many there then, eh??

Wow, you made it this far!! Well done, bet you are struggling to keep your eyes open aren't you??  Sorry for such a boring post.  I will be putting some more piccies on soon - I have done another altered paint can (although it is very similar to the other one), a gift bag and a tag with a sizzix person on it and some cookies.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

First teachers Christmas gift tin

I have decided to do some altered paint tins for part of the teachers gifts in (inside the tins they will be getting cookies that Callam will be making)..there are 3 teachers this year so LOADS still to do.
First I cut the paper (core dinations in white) - nearly long enough to go all the way around. I stamped with stitchels stamps and watercoloured them (with h2os)

Then I did extra butterflies and an extra bird and cut them out

this (below) is one of the butterflies (finished)

Below is the lid embellishment

and finally the finished tin

Monday, 15 December 2008

Here I am

Well on Saturday it was our night out and I was really nervous so I had my baileys (that went straight to my head..well I was starvin' so I suppose it would've) Felt a bit chunky round the middle in my dress but Cliff and Amanda (my cousin -well one of them) said I looked nice and there wasn't time to change (not that I had anything as nice to change into anyway)

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Michelles birthday card

It is my cousin Michelles birthday at the weekend and after doing Cheryls card which looked so pretty I thought I would have another go but make my method slightly different to make the paints a bit more vibrant.

First I stamped the images (stitchels stamps) with silver ink (leaving space in the middle for the greeting)

Then I painted the images with 2 coats of white paint (normal water colour paints)

I have painted the images with my cheap h2os and added sparkles from the butterfly.

I placed this embellishment on the front

Below is a close up of the detail on the flowers

and finally the finished card (I am wishing the butterfly and the flower embellshment were the opposite way round though - still too late now it cannot be changed)

More Christmas cards

Here are some more of the Christmas cards I made last week (and didn't have time to put on here). The top 2 were done in multiples as I have so many to do.

This card (below) was one that friend asked me to make.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Cheryls card

Here is Cheryls card. I did the main card (front) for a CBC challenge (that I was late for, but thats just typical of me). When Ic am to write in the card I decided that if I wrote on the central panel my awful handwriting would be on view for all to see so I decorated the centre panel and wrote on the back.
I stamped with the stitchels stamps then painted with my cheapo H2O's and am very pleased with how pretty it looks.

This is the butterfly and a sparkly trail

Below are the flowers I stamped

The centre panel (below)

and finally the complete card