Thursday, 25 June 2009

Last one for now

Wow, its like waiting for a bus ... you wait ages and then you get 5 all at once :)
Its a work friends birthday this weekend and heres the card I have made for her.
I have used a Holly and Maddison download from Charmed crafts (which I coloured in using the pc) - I have added glossy accents and I am not certain why but the black hair has gone a bluey colour, which I wasn't sure about but it looks quite nice now its dry.
I printed onto sparkly card and cut it to a tag shape and secured it onto a flower.

Below you can see the glossy bits on the hair, boots, eyes, lips and the ipod cable

The finished card - I am quite pleased with it (which is surprising as I am not always happy with my finished cards)

I'll be back soon - no more birthdays that I'm making cards for in the immediate future ... although I now have 2 baby cards to make (just need some time)

another corny card

It was also my Grandads birthday a couple of days ago, and using the same Pink Petticoat download (and the same glossy accents and sparky stuff) I made his card - very similar to my Nans but more masculine.

Corny birthday card

On Fathers Day it was also my Nans birthday. I normally cover / alter a notebook for part of her present (she uses notebooks like they are going out of fashion), but time was not on my side so this year there was not a notebook (or anything else altered)
I did make sure I made her a card though and here it is (and for once I didnt use my nesties .. but I did buy a new pink petticoat download - which I also used for the Fathers day cards)

Fathers day cards

Here are the cards I made for Fathers day this year ... not as many as last year because with working almost full time hours I haven't got enought time for any orders so I only made my own ..... maybe I'd better bear that in mind in the run up to Christmas (OMG!! I cannot believe I said the 'c' word in June!!!)
Images are Pink Petticoat and cut out with the nesties (how original am I?)

Birthday card for Callams school friend

Last week Callam went to a girls birthday party and along with some jewellery I had made, he also took this card.
The sparklies are swarovski diamantes and the font is 'font diner sparkly'

The image is from a Pink Petticoat download that I bought last year (and have only used twice previously) - diamond sparkles (psx) were added, along with glossy accents then the image was cut with the scalloped nestability die and 2 nestie frames were added.

The finished card is below.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Kerrys birthday card

On the 13th it is my friend Kerrys birthday.
Here is the card I have made for her -I have used one of the Holly and Maddison images that is already coloured and I have printed it straight onto the card. Glossy accents have been added.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Well today its 13 years since I married my wonderful Hubby and as per usual I left the card till the very last minute (it was finished at ten oclock last night) I had been wondering for a few days what to put on it and spent some time on the web late yesterday afternoon looking for inspiration and I finally found exactly what I was looking for on Charmed cards and Crafts - a Holly and Maddison download. It was more than I wanted to pay because I only wanted the one image but I am sure that the others will get used over time (like for one of my friends birthdays in a couple of weeks) As I had left it so late I ended up using the coloured version of the image rather than colouring it myself.

Below is the front of the card (I really hope it's not too girly) - the aperture is cut using a nestability die in the cuttlebug

Below is the inside (It took me a few minutes to line up the image with the aperture but it was worth it)

Below is the image at a different angle so you can see the glossy accents I have added - on the hair and on the straps - its also on the shoes but that piccie looked awful so its not on here.

Happy Anniversary Cliff. xxx

Thought I would edit this post and show you my outfit that I wore (we went to Akbars on Meadowbank Road, Rotherham - top Indian restaurant in my opinion)

Here are my lovely strappy sandals (and no we don't have some dodgy bizarre looking skirting boards or panelling, it is a chest of drawers behind them)

And heres my dress - it's a 'Star by Julien Macdonald' from debenhams (and the thing hanging off the bottom is the tag)

and finally my beautiful bouquet of flowers from Cliff - glad to see he's finally getting the hang of this florist malarky - its only taken almost 18 years (yes, this summer we have been together for half of my life...gulp)

Dianes birthday card

Here is the card I made for my Sisters birthday which is on Wednesday. The image is a Pink Petticoat image which was digitally coloured (using 'paint') and sparkly and glossy bits were added.

Below is the inside of the card (and after taking thses photos I turned the brads so they were all facing the same way)

Here is the cute handbag charm from carolyns although I have had it tucked away for a couple of years waiting for something to use it on

And finally (below) this is the box with the bracelet inside - I used the same ribbon and felt flowers as I used on the card.