Friday, 6 November 2009

Yet more bad news

OK, so in the last few months my beautiful Jasper (cat) died.

A couple of weeks later my Aunty died.

This week both my Husband and myself were made redundant because the company we both worked for has gone into liquidation. I'm wondering how much more bad luck is going to be coming our way.

Still on the bright side I will have time for crafting once again ... and maybe get chance to catch up with Carolyns forum .... and of course, there is my facebook addiction to take into consideration, so it's not all bad ... lol. And Hubby has managed to get temp xmas work at toys r us - a whole 20 hours a week (evenings) on minimum wage (better make sure we dont spend it all at once hadn't we - it won't even cover the mortgage payments, which of course we didn't take redundancy protection on - don't you lurve hindsight?)

anyway I will be posting next week I'm sure .... after our appointment at the jobcentre when we find out all we are entitled to (as a family of 3) is £70 a week (or thereabouts) hmmmm our outgoings are in the region of £1400 a month before food and petrol and clothes and entertainment stuff .... it's not looking good is it? still I can cancel sky and that will save us a whole £22.50 a month and give us 1 less thing to spend our oodles of time on. (I know, I know, sarcasm won't help us ... but I cannot help it)

Sunday, 1 November 2009


OK, Here's what I have made (cards mainly) since I last properly blogged.
First is a card I made for Paulas birthday. Image is a pink petticoat download.

This (below) is the front of the envelope.

Here is the gift box decorated with a lucky chinese coin and red ribbon.

and this (below) is the bracelet I made.

Below is Lindas birthday card - another Pink Petticoat download.

Next is Laras birthday card ... yes, another Pink Petticoat download and yes more sparkly and shiny stuff all over to accent the design.

Next is a card I made for a colleague who has now left to work elsewhere - you might be surprised to see its not Pink Petticoat this time :) I did use some more of the lovely lace I got much earlier this year though. Glossy accents have been added to the text on the tag.

Next is the card I made for my Grandmothers birthday - it's a pyramid card and I'm really pleased with how it turned out - the time it took to make was well worth it.

The butterflies and bird are stamped with stitchels and cut out.

Next is Gemmas birthday card. Image is a Holly and Maddison download.

Ovals were cut with my scalloped nestabilities.

Next is Emmas birthday card. The flowers were cut by hand and the stitching drawn on.

Quick to make but quite effective I think.

And below is Christines card ... same design but a different coloured card and flowers

Here is a necklace I made after finding out at the last minute that I needed a gift. Unfortunately I didnt have the findings for the leather so had to improvise with silver coloured wire which I put through a hole in the leather cord so it wouldn't slip off the ends.

Here is the gift box that I put the necklace in, with a lovely red bow that I tied myself :)

This is the card I made to go with the necklace. Holly and Maddison download with glossy accents and sparkly bits have been added.

And finally another Holly and Maddison download this time on Beckys birthday card.

I'm Back!!!! Happy Halloween

Sorry I haven't blogged for so long - it's been a bit hectic. Working full time is really taking it out of me, I'm sooooooooo tired and my mojo seems to have gone for a verrrry long walk :(

Still it was Halloween yesterday and Callam wanted to do the usual. So heres the pumpkin: first is the evil side (that I didn't take a proper picture with the lights on - I'm such a numpty at times) - the teeth were cut out properly - I did the pumpkin double sided adn its the bits on the other side of that can be seen.

Next (below) is the not so scary pumpkin face (done on the other side to the one above)

And below with the lights on is the 'friendly' pumpkin face.

And here is Count Dracula (scuse the grey body warmer but it gets cold outside at the end of October)