Friday, 28 November 2008

Well I haven't any piccies to put on here today yet but I have been busy. I am well on the way to finishing the tub so the batteries dont do another vanishing act (sorry that was lame but I couldn't help myself) - I am waiting for the glossy accents to dry on the label and on the paper.

I have also found the installation disc for the scanner and got that installed but I need to clean the glass because the photo I printed today (after scanning) had some very odd marks on it and I can only imagine that as the glass looks a bit 'odd' underneath that I will have to take the bloomen thing apart and clean it...and soon because I need to do some photo gifts for Christmas but the piccies need scanning properly first - they are the 2 that were taken with Father Christmas at Lapland UK last Friday...I cannot believe it is already a whole week since we went.

I have also started covering the tin that I bought for Cheryls birthday (luckily for me she doesnt even know I have this blog otherwise I wouldn't be able to say anything) It is a plain white lunch tin that I bought from crafts u love website. I have cut the paper and sanded the edges then put the glossy accents on (OMG I have spent more time using glossy accents today you wouldn't believe) and it is almost time to go and collect Callam from school.

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