Sunday, 26 April 2009


We are looking at getting our ensuite refitted and went to the local bathroom shop. The guy in there showed us some photos for ideas and some of the photos had 'orbs' on them and the man in the shop explained that they are spirits.
I came away and thinking about it remembered that when we were having some (lots) work done on our house I took some photos that had orbs on them when I had put them onto the pc (at the time I hadn't known what they were, right until the man in the bathroom shop told me).
Here they are ... make your own opinions (I have made mine and a quite freaked out about it - I do not rest easy when supernatural thoughts are in my head)
The first photo has them, very faintly on the fridge door and also (much more visible) on the cupboard door under the sink and on the drawer unit

Next they are on the cupboard door (under the microwave)
And next they are all around my beautiful boy (there are loads on this photo)

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