Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Dianes bracelet

Well as mentioned in my previous post, my little jewellery package arrived ...and it was little - you don't get much for your money.
Here are the contents of my parcel (not including my chain)

and here they are out of the plastic packaging.

And the final product - it was so easy to assemble, and fast, wow its the quickest thing I have made .... well if you don't count all the coffees I make myself.
The photos don't do the bracelet justice, it is really pretty and very shiny, I just hope Diane likes it.

Now my next task is to make some cards: Dianes birthday, Leannes leaving, Kerrys birthday, Peter and Celinas new baby card and I was wondering about doing a photo album for Peter and Celina too ... or something with a teddy, but whatever I make has to be mailed to Germany so it doesnt really want to be too heavy (or too big) ... anyway its not gonna get done if I am sat here waffling on about it is it?
Oh it is our Wedding Anniversary on Monday too so that another card I need to make.

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Kinglake said...

Oh i really like this and what a lovely pressie it would make too xx jo xx