Monday, 1 June 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Well today its 13 years since I married my wonderful Hubby and as per usual I left the card till the very last minute (it was finished at ten oclock last night) I had been wondering for a few days what to put on it and spent some time on the web late yesterday afternoon looking for inspiration and I finally found exactly what I was looking for on Charmed cards and Crafts - a Holly and Maddison download. It was more than I wanted to pay because I only wanted the one image but I am sure that the others will get used over time (like for one of my friends birthdays in a couple of weeks) As I had left it so late I ended up using the coloured version of the image rather than colouring it myself.

Below is the front of the card (I really hope it's not too girly) - the aperture is cut using a nestability die in the cuttlebug

Below is the inside (It took me a few minutes to line up the image with the aperture but it was worth it)

Below is the image at a different angle so you can see the glossy accents I have added - on the hair and on the straps - its also on the shoes but that piccie looked awful so its not on here.

Happy Anniversary Cliff. xxx

Thought I would edit this post and show you my outfit that I wore (we went to Akbars on Meadowbank Road, Rotherham - top Indian restaurant in my opinion)

Here are my lovely strappy sandals (and no we don't have some dodgy bizarre looking skirting boards or panelling, it is a chest of drawers behind them)

And heres my dress - it's a 'Star by Julien Macdonald' from debenhams (and the thing hanging off the bottom is the tag)

and finally my beautiful bouquet of flowers from Cliff - glad to see he's finally getting the hang of this florist malarky - its only taken almost 18 years (yes, this summer we have been together for half of my life...gulp)

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Kinglake said...

wow 14 years! Happy Anniversary.Your card is great a little saucey but very cute! xx jo xx