Friday, 6 November 2009

Yet more bad news

OK, so in the last few months my beautiful Jasper (cat) died.

A couple of weeks later my Aunty died.

This week both my Husband and myself were made redundant because the company we both worked for has gone into liquidation. I'm wondering how much more bad luck is going to be coming our way.

Still on the bright side I will have time for crafting once again ... and maybe get chance to catch up with Carolyns forum .... and of course, there is my facebook addiction to take into consideration, so it's not all bad ... lol. And Hubby has managed to get temp xmas work at toys r us - a whole 20 hours a week (evenings) on minimum wage (better make sure we dont spend it all at once hadn't we - it won't even cover the mortgage payments, which of course we didn't take redundancy protection on - don't you lurve hindsight?)

anyway I will be posting next week I'm sure .... after our appointment at the jobcentre when we find out all we are entitled to (as a family of 3) is £70 a week (or thereabouts) hmmmm our outgoings are in the region of £1400 a month before food and petrol and clothes and entertainment stuff .... it's not looking good is it? still I can cancel sky and that will save us a whole £22.50 a month and give us 1 less thing to spend our oodles of time on. (I know, I know, sarcasm won't help us ... but I cannot help it)

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