Thursday, 10 December 2009

Busy busy busy

This time of year is always so busy and I blame Christmas :) along with myself because every year I tell myself I must be more organised and yet I never am - I have a card ready to post that has to go to Canada (well I've missed that postal deadline haven't I?)  and I have quite a few cards that need mailing (and those ones still need making before I can even think of posting them!!)

I have been busy making some cards for Christmas today and trying to keep myself busy.  
A close friend went into hospital to have her baby yesterday so I have made a card and a nappy cake - photos to come later.
It's her birthday this weekend too and I have yet to make the birthday card - not last minute with that one either :S

I am looking forwards to putting my tree up and with the cash flow problems that come with being unemployed ( and not entitled to any job seekers allowance ) I am very glad we bought a new tree last year.  The house needs a clean and bloody good tidy up first though and thats inbetween applying for  jobs.  And I need to finish the Christmas shopping - thankfully everybody knows the situation so they are aware they are token gifts this year  (mainly chocolates of the malteser variety cos they were on offer)  I feel quite awful not being able to buy nice stuff for our friends and family but maybe next year things will be better.  Here's hoping!!

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