Monday, 26 January 2009

Another Stitchels card

Last week I found out one of my Dads uncles had a stroke and was in hospital.  I struggle for ideas with mens 'get well soon' cards and this time was no exception.  I decided to do something cheerful and once again got out my stitchels stamps and got to work.

First I stamped the parts  would be cutting out and mounting onto the rest of the card.

Next I stamped leaves in 3 shades of green onto the bottom corner of the card

After stamping the leaves I started painting everything - I used matt paints first then went over with my pearl paints

Then I cut out the additional components and secured them to the card, adding a feather to the birds tail and a yellow brad for the flower centre, finally I mounted the whole thing onto bright yellow card.


Ellen said...

that looks great Katie what a clever idea. The HO2 paint looks wonderful on the leaves

camcraft said...

Oh My Katie - how wonderful is that. Very clever indeed. Totally incredible.
Sorry to hear the news of your dad's uncle's stroke. My mum's friend had a minor stroke before Christmas - thankfully she is feeling much better each day.
Carole x

Hazel said...

Wow! this is beautiful. x