Wednesday, 28 January 2009

more car stuff

Here is Cliff with the range rover sport SE the day before we traded it in (it was ready for a wash but as it was going, Cliff decided not to wash it)

And here, in daylight is the mini.

We haven't yet taken out the paper floor mat on the drivers side (although it will be moved to the passenger side when Callam will be getting into the car 'cos hes a mud magnet)

The big speedo in the middle is taking some getting used to (oh the hardship, its

Well, I promise there will be some crafty stuff on here really soon (thanks for not falling to sleep whilst I go on and on (and on and on and on and on) about the new car.


Net said...

Oh Katie! Take out the paper - its naff! lol

Didn't you get them to put you some mats in? Or failing that don't let Callam in it ;))

H said...

Yeah get the blumin paper out:)
You don't need to look at the speedo in the middle you can look at the digital one above the steering wheel.
Enjoy your new car and don't forget to go over to and join in the fun :):):):)

Jackie said...

Very posh :)