Tuesday, 20 January 2009


well on 4th January I ordered some stuff from arty miss and it's finally here!!! YAY!!

I got this pack to start on some Mothers Day cards

These stickers will be brilliant with a couple of photos I took (years ago)

These (below) are for in the album I am doing for our visit to Lapland UK

and this forever friends stamp is for the valentines card I will be making for my wonderful Hubby

The panduro catalogue arrived a few minutes ago so I have some reading material to look at whilst I have my lunch (which is very boring salad) - I went through the new argos catalogue yesterday - and there isn't a great deal of new stuff that I like in that one - should save me a bit of money though if I don't like anything in it ;)

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Hazel said...

What a lovely lot of goodies - enjoy! x