Monday, 2 March 2009

Birthday card for a man

Friday saw the birthday of my Step Father and I kinda left the card to the very last minute (as I often do...not sure why, its not as though if I put off doing the card that its not going to be needed is it?) Anyway I was really stuck for inspiration so I had a look through the stuff I have accumulated and came accross the dark blue 'Happy Birthday' embossed piece of card and though I would start with that. I rubbed over the embossing with a gold pigment ink cats eye pad.
I did the corners of the card so they aren't square and did the same with the blue panel.
I found the circle embellishment for the front that I had made towards the end of last year (which had the embossed greeting watercolour painted by myself) I rubbed this over with the gold ink pad too and placed some blue grossgrain ribbon behind (this was stapled onto the blue card panel)
The circle embellishment was secured using foam pads, then the blue panel was mounted onto the card using foam tape with a couple of pads under for extra support (to stop the front collapsing)

Finally, here is the full completed item.

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