Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Hasbro toys and their fantastic customer services team

My Son had his birthday at the end of October last year and as he is slightly obsessed with Star Wars he received a 'voice changing clone trooper helmet'. We unpacked it and he was gutted to discover that his voice didnt change at all. The packaging was completely no good so we were unable to even consider returning the item to Woolworths, so I telephoned Hasbro toys (who manufacture the helmet) and explained the problem. The lovely lady gave me a reference number along with a freepost address and told me to get my Son to choose items from their website to the value of the helmet (£29.99) along with a couple of extra items just incase they didnt have the first choices in stock.
Well, I kept forgetting and seemed to remember at the most bizarre times that Callam needed to look at their website. I finally got round to it a few weeks ago and he came up with a huge list, so the helmet was packed up and returned, along with Callams wish list and a week later a parcel arrived containing his replacement toys (looking at the toys r us website there is in the region of £50 worth of items there). Callam is now a happy bunny and I feel I have to say Hasbro really do care about their customers - their customer services are fantastic and I am certain we will be buying Hasbro toys over other brands in future.

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