Monday, 2 March 2009

New shoes and a bag to alter

Not many of you will realise how much I love shoes...I don't just like them, I love them (not quite as much as bags, but its close) and when my Wonderful Husband offered to buy me a pair of pumps as the shops have them in now ready for summer, who am I to deny him that pleasure? ;)
We went and looked round a few shops and nothing was really catching my eye until we went into faith and I came accross this lush pair, that were relatively inexpnsive, they are not plain and they do feel quite comfy.

As an added extra the bag they came in is just right for altering. It is made from sturdy pale coloured card, has neutral coloured handles and not a lot of stuff on the front.

The only thing that may pose a problem is the bright yellow supporting piece thats just inside the top...although that could work in my favour...Oh dear I just dont seem to have any paper that will go with that yellow so I will just have to go and buy some ;)

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