Tuesday, 9 December 2008

My outfit for the Christmas party

Well I am sorted for the Christmas party on Saturday...I think. Quite nervous though and hoping I don't have a huge panic attack because that will be sooooo embarrassing.
First, here is my gorgeous 'Star by Julien MacDonald' bag that Cliff bought for me (looks a bit odd in the photo but the feathers do hang properly when the bag isn't laid on its side) the strap is quite short - the sort you hold or put over your wrist, not to put over your shoulder

This (below) is a snapshot of my dress from Next- not all of it just the waist to give an idea of what it is like (although it is completely black - the pink is from my top that I was wearing when I took the photo)

I went shopping last night as I was not happy with the jewellery I have made to wear for Cliffs Christmas party this coming weekend. I really love the set that I have made but when I tried it all on with my dress it doesn't really stand out ( having seen a close up of my dress I am sure you can imagine why it doesn't really stand out) and here are the originals and what I have replaced it all with:

This is a headband I bought (only £2.94 from La Senza) I am not sure whether I will wear it on Saturday but if Idon't then I haven't spent a lot on it so it won't matter...don't want to get to Saturday afternoon and think 'I wish I had got that headband'
I replaced these green earrings (below) that I made with green swarovski and Czech firepolished crystals.......

....with these sparkly dangly earrings which only cost 98p from primark

I replaced this green bracelet that I had made using green swarovski and Czech firepolished crystals........
...with this sparkly pair of bracelets which cost the huge amount of £2.94 from Primark

I replaced this green swarovski and firepolished crystal choker (below) that I had made........

......with this gorgeous necklace (below) from Jane Norman (a bargain at £10.00, although once the vat had been adjusted it was a very odd total of £ 9.78)


Jackie said...

Very sparkly.........I think we will need photos of it all together ;)

Kate said...

Thanks jackie - we shall see because I am usually behind the camera

Net said...

I lurve that bag!

Wheres the party at? I don't want you waking me up as you stagger home ;o)

Kate said...

The bag is gorgeous isn't it? Once I had seen it none of the others compared.

Dont worry we wont be waking you up - cliff is saying about booking the taxi to come home for about 11ish.

Its at magna.