Friday, 19 December 2008

busy again.

Well I sort of had a day off yesterday...well Christmas shopping with Amanda (on of my many cousins) but I was shopping for goodies to put in the stockings (not as easy as you might think unless you have unlimited funds, which I certainly don't).... then had a lovely lunch at pizza hut.  As soon as Callam finished school we had a mad dash to Doncaster vue as I had managed to get free cinema tickets for the new animated film (despereux - about a mouse)  Personally I wasn't bothered about seeing the film but thought it would be a nice treat for Callam.  Well the film was great and the 3 of us really enjoyed it.

Now I have to crack on though.  Todays 'job' list goes like this:
1. I have an anniversary card to make - as requested by my Grandparents.
2. A Christmas card for Tina and Steve (Tina does my ironing at the moment until my neck is better and Steve is her husband who collects it and delivers it once it is done - they are a really lovely couple)
3.  was going to be a Christmas card for Cliff (my Husband) and I have the stuff prepared, but he has said 'we aren't sending cards to each other this year are we?? I can think of better things to spend £2.50 on' I guess that has saved me 10 minutes (I already have the stuff prepped ready to go on, which took me around an hour - typical male!!)
4. a birthday card for my Dad whos birthday is on Christmas day.
5. A christmas card for Callam (have to do it today or he will be here watching me make it - last school day today)
6. I have a watch to make - Amanda has asked me to make one for her Mum for Christmas so I need to get a move on.
7. Order a gift voucher off amazon (using the link on cbc)
8. A card for Simon and Cheryl (friends)

And Cliff has given me a short list of 16 Christmas cards he needs to send to people at his new job....not many there then, eh??

Wow, you made it this far!! Well done, bet you are struggling to keep your eyes open aren't you??  Sorry for such a boring post.  I will be putting some more piccies on soon - I have done another altered paint can (although it is very similar to the other one), a gift bag and a tag with a sizzix person on it and some cookies.

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