Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I bought this pack of gift tags last week (£2.00 from matalan) but although they are silver and glittery they are somewhat lacking so today I set about making them more appealing.

3 wise men (otherwise known as the three kings)

The miracle of Christmas with baubles (at least these baubles look nice, not like some that you get on Christmas cards - usually from somebody who doesnt really like you)

This was a single tree that I stamped 3 times and then embossed.

This is one of my Favourite Christmas stamps and I use it a lot.

This is 2 seperate stamps that I bought last year and didn't use (thought it was about time I took them off the sheet)

Another stamp that I use a lot ' just for you'

I did several of each and have realised I probably have more tags than gifts to wrap (as I have done most of my wrapping - yes Imay be organised with the gifts but the cards..Yikes!! I started on those today - I have 60 to make not to mention the ones for the people that Cliff works with - better get my skates on)

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