Tuesday, 16 December 2008

First teachers Christmas gift tin

I have decided to do some altered paint tins for part of the teachers gifts in (inside the tins they will be getting cookies that Callam will be making)..there are 3 teachers this year so LOADS still to do.
First I cut the paper (core dinations in white) - nearly long enough to go all the way around. I stamped with stitchels stamps and watercoloured them (with h2os)

Then I did extra butterflies and an extra bird and cut them out

this (below) is one of the butterflies (finished)

Below is the lid embellishment

and finally the finished tin

1 comment:

maddy hill said...

oh kate its gorgeous ! love it and love the details on the butterflys they are fab ! i have one to do if i get the chance - i have the tin - just not the time !

I am sure the teacher will love it !